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POETYK PSO LTE study findings of deucravacitinib in plaque psoriasis: Leon Kircik

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Published Online: Oct 17th 2023

Touch Medical Media coverage of data presented at EADV 2023:

The POETYK PSO long term extension (LTE) study investigated the efficacy and safety of deucravacitinib at 3 years in patients with plaque psoriasis (NCT04036435).

touchDERMATOLOGY were delighted to speak with Dr. Leon. Kircik around the mechanism of action of deucravacitinib, the clinical data supporting its use in clinical practice, and the long term efficacy and safety data from the POETYK PSO LTE.

This information is provided solely by Touch Medical Media and is independent of any sponsorship or affiliation with the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology (EADV).


  1. What is the mechanism of action of deucravacitinib? (0:21)
  2. What clinical evidence already supports the use of deucravacitinib? (0:41)
  3. What were the findings from the POETYK PSO long-term extension trial? (1:25)
  4. How will these insights optimise the use of deucravacitinib in plaque psoriasis? (2:10)
  5. In which patients is deucravacitinib most beneficial? (2:43)

Support: Interview and filming supported by Touch Medical Media Ltd. Interview conducted by Victoria Jones and Katey Gabrysch.

Filmed in coverage of the EADV Annual Meeting.

This content was developed by Touch Medical Media and is not affiliated with the  European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology  (EADV) or the congress. 

Click here for more content on psoriasis & for further EADV 2023 highlights visit here.


Leon Kircik has the following disclosure information:

H = Honorarium; G = Grant

  • Abbott Laboratories: Speaker (H)
  • Abbvie: Consultant (H), Investigator (G)
  • Ablynx: Investigator (G)
  • Aclaris: Advisory Board (H)
  • Acambis: Investigator (G)
  • Allergan, Inc.: Investigator (H), Advisory Board (H), Speaker (H), Consultant (H)
  • Almirall: Consultant (H), Investigator (G), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Amgen, Inc.: Consultant (H), Investigator (G), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Anacor Pharmaceuticals: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Anaptys: Investigator (G)
  • Arcutis: Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H)
  • Arena: Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H)
  • Assos Pharma: Speaker (H)
  • Astellas Pharma US, Inc.: Investigator (G), Speaker (H)
  • Asubio: Investigator (G)
  • Bausch Health: Investigator (G)
  • Berlex Laboratories (Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals): Investigator (G)
  • Biogen-Idec: Advisory Board (H)
  • Biolife: Investigator (G)
  • Biomimterix: Investigator (G)
  • Biopelle: Investigator (G)
  • BMS: Consultant (H), Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H)
  • Boehringer-Ingleheim: Investigator (G)
  • Breckinridge Pharma: Investigator (G)
  • Cassiopea: Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Centocor, Inc.: Investigator (G)
  • Cellceutix: Investigator (G)
  • Cipher: Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Coherus: Investigator (G)
  • Colbar: Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Combinatrix: Investigator (G)
  • Connetics Corporation: Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Investigator (G)
  • Coria: Investigator (G)
  • Dermavant: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Dermira: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Dermik Laboratories: Speaker (H)
  • Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc.: Investigator (G)
  • Dr. Reddy’s Lab: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Dusa: Investigator (G)
  • Embil Pharmaceuticals: Speaker (H)
  • Eli Lilly: Investigator (G), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H)
  • EOS: Advisory Board (H)
  • Exeltis: Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Investigator (G)
  • Ferndale Laboratories, Inc.: Advisory Board (H), Investigator (G)
  • Foamix: Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H)
  • Ferrer: Consultant (H), Speaker (H)
  • Galderma: Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H), Investigator (G)
  • Genentech, Inc.: Advisory Board (H), Speaker (H), Investigator (G), Consultant (H)
  • GlaxoSmithKline, PLC: Investigator (G), Speaker (H), Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Glenmark: Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H)
  • Health Point, LTD: Investigator (G)
  • Idera: Investigator (G)
  • Incyte: Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H)
  • Intendis: Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H), Investigator (G)
  • Innocutis: Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Innovail: Speaker (H)
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  • Kyowakirin: Speaker (H)
  • Laboratory Skin Care Inc.: Consultant (H)
  • Leo: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Speaker (H)
  • L’Oreal: Investigator (G), Speaker (H)
  • 3M: Speaker (H), Investigator (G)
  • Maruho: Investigator (G)
  • Medical International Technologies: Consultant (H)
  • Merck: Consultant (H), Investigator (G)
  • Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.: Investigator (G)
  • Merz: Consultant (H)
  • Nano Bio: Advisory Board (H), Investigator (G)
  • Nektar: Investigator (G)
  • Nimbus: Investigator (G)
  • Novartis AG: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Speaker (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • Noven Pharmaceuticals: Investigator (G)
  • Nucryst Pharmaceuticals Corp: Investigator (G)
  • Obagi: Investigator (G)
  • Onset: Investigator (G), Speaker (H)
  • OrthoNeutrogena: Speaker (H), Investigator (G), Advisory Board (H), Consultant (H)
  • PediaPharma: Speaker (H)
  • Pfizer: Investigator (G)
  • Promius: Investigator (G), Consultant (H), Advisory Board (H)
  • PuraCap: Consultant (H)
  • PharmaDerm: Investigator (G), Speaker (H)
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  • Ventyx: Investigator
  • Warner-Chilcott: Advisory Board (H), Speaker (H), Investigator (G)
  • XenoPort: Investigator (G)
  • ZAGE: Consultant (H)
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GUIDE is a phase 3b randomized, parallel-group, double-blind trial investigating guselkumab for the treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis (NCT03818035). We were delighted to speak with Prof. Knut Schäkel (University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany) to discuss the clinical data already supporting GUS from GUIDE 1 and 2, and the rationale, methodology and findings from GUIDE part 3, which were presented at EADV. The abstract 'Treatment-free period of more than 1 year in guselkumab super responders with short disease duration of psoriasis: withdrawal data from the GUIDE trial' (Abstract N°: 2042) was presented at EADV 2023, Berlin, 11-14 October 2023 #EADVCongress. Questions What were the aims, design and eligibility criteria of the Phase 3b GUIDE trial? (0:16) What data from GUIDE 1 and 2 already supports early intervention with GUS? (1:28) Could you describe the rationale and methodology of GUIDE part 3? (2:19) What were the clinical endpoints and how well were these achieved? (3:10) What significance do these findings have in terms of maintenance of response following GUS withdrawal? (4:06) Disclosures: Knut Schäkel has been an advisor and/ or received speakers' honoraria and/ or received grants and/ or participated in clinical trials of the following companies: AbbVie, Almirall, Antabio, Boehringer Ingelheim, Celgene, Eli Lily, Galderma, Janssen-Cilag GmbH, LEO Pharma, Novartis, Pfizer and UCB Pharma. Support: Interview and filming supported by Touch Medical Media Ltd. Interview conducted by Victoria Jones and Katey Gabrysch. Filmed in coverage of the EADV Annual Meeting. This content was developed by Touch Medical Media and is not affiliated with the  European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology  (EADV) or the congress.  Click here for more content on psoriasis & for further EADV 2023 highlights visit here.

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